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So Many People Will Benefit From Our Pub Reopening

So many people will benefit from our pub reopening

When you know people would love our pub to be open. 

We’re on a journey to a place we want to call Our Pub. But it’s more than a pub – it’s a community hub – loved by locals, appreciated by visitors and part of our Cumbrian coastal heritage.

We’re pulling together as a community to buy and reopen our pub. We’ll make The Lowther Arms the UK’s first Coastal Community Pub – and you can have a share in our pub too  – hands up if you can join us on our journey.

It’s just 5 minutes from the beach, cycleways, footpaths and the community is very welcoming.

Do you live nearby and miss a friendly place to catch up on the community ‘crack’ ? Are you keen to see your local reopen?

Are you out for the day with your dog?  scaling the dunes, splashing in the sea – then wishing you can rest up at the pub with a contented dog at your feet?

Or you may be a Rambler enjoying the Coast to Coast route or the Cumbria Coastal Way  – wishing your breaks could include a stop off for drink, some food and a re-energising seat? ….

Or a cyclist on Hadrian’s Cycleway Trail – who has already sat too long! You want to dismount, cool down by the sea, then pop into the pub for some grub or stretch out in the beer garden?

And if you love coming to stay on the Cumbrian Coastline, you’ll be wishing you’re not missing the sunsets, stopping for supper, or calling in for coffee, lunch and tea?

And to our local accommodation providers who want more for their guests –  we know you’re missing a watering hole and meal recommendation for your visitors – keeping them as regulars because local hospitality is so great?

Are you a photographer sitting it out for the perfect Solway Sunset before supper?  you can be part of our bigger picture too.

So here’s a toast to our coast and our local pub. And if you love the pub, the banter, the warm welcome … just imagine … YOU could own part of it too.

So it’s all hands together to buy our pub. You can join us on our journey  to The Lowther Arms – together we can make it a sustainable destination for ALL to enjoy.

Buy shares or donate or simply spread the word. Pulling together we can make it. Cheers

Author: Tracey Errington

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